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This is a transcript of presidential candidate Ron Paul’s appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show on October 30, 2007. A video of the looks is at the underside. JAY LENO: Our next visitor, a Congressman from Texas additionally running for President as a Republican, he is unquestionably not main within the polls, however he's the preferred GOP candidate on the web. We’ll discover out what he’s all about. Please welcome Congressman Ron Paul. JAY LENO: Thank you for coming! RON PAUL: Thank you for having me. JAY LENO: I do know you’re from Texas now but what’s your background, you didn’t develop up in Texas, did you? RON PAUL: No, I grew up in Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Pennsylvania. JAY LENO: How many infants have you delivered? JAY LENO: And that’s just the NBA stars, that’s not even counting… no (laughter). I know you have been also within the airforce as properly? RON PAUL: Right, I spent 5 years within the airforce as a flight surgeon.

So you must come up with a method to attract their consideration, whereas they're enthusiastic about 50-eleven other things. So it is essential to practice, follow, observe. Be clear and tackle a selected interest to the prospects or viewers you want to draw. Speak in a language a toddler can understand. In other phrases, reframe from utilizing abbreviations or jargon people may not know and understand. Don't be afraid to toot your individual horn. You have to be confident with bragging about your individual particular person contributions in a humble and gracious method. You need to talk gradual and steady to convey a sense of conviction and thoughtfulness. If you're talking like an auctioneer, this can be a significant factor in somebody or everybody, tuning you out as a result of they do not perceive. Take each opportunity that presents itself to say your elevator pitch. Remember the primary rule of gross sales: Ron Paul Liberty Report Always be closing. Say it to everybody.

Ron Paul has printed a brand new book this 12 months, entitled Pillars of Prosperity: Free Markets, Honest Money, Private Property, which contains an extensive compilation of his thoughts on economics and presents a wonderful opportunity for a special book overview. This brief essay, originally revealed by Paul in 1984, represents his personal reflections on the affect of the Austrian School of economics on his political life. Once he was elected as a consultant, Paul has tried to affect coverage via educating his fellow colleagues within the ideas of the free market and the dangers of interventionism. He does admit the difficulties in pursuing this path, with politicians relying on the same old methods of Washington, which purpose to serve the special pursuits of various highly effective stress groups. However, this type of utilitarianism is ultimately doomed to failure, because it breeds an increasing number of financial interventionism. Paul states that every argument made by politicians on the House ground relies on utilitarianism, moderately than precept. In such an setting, it is all to easy for them to rationalize any position at any time for any goal and function little greater than demagogues.

It will not solely tremendously reduce our reliance on gasoline by 50% to 60% it may have a profound positive outcome on the worldwide warming epidemic on our planet. It is a win, win situation for all concerned. Now I will inform you my opinion of why our illustrious leaders will never plug this concept to anyone. No I take that again, I feel there are two which have enough cojones, Ron Paul Institute Liberty Report Paul and Obama. Obama spoke about eliminating lobbyists in Washington, which would take real cojones, and that's the first step to force our representatives to be responsible to who elected them in the first place. Big enterprise lobbyists spend over 3 billion dollars a 12 months, and where does that go, you be the choose. Funny isn't it that it is illegal for merchandise and product buyers of private or public companies to take anything or settle for any favors from vendors they purchase from, however lobbyists are legal and for what objective? Could or not it's which are representatives are accepting favors from lobbyists? Where is all of the 3 billion dollars a 12 months going, for lunches, I don't think so, though meals is quite expensive in D.C., yeah right. Well people, that's why I chosen the phrase protectionism, which when you think about it, its logical in the sense that it describes our representatives ways of protecting big business, and not us? You can do something by yourself to kick the gasoline behavior by 50% to 60% and it is by getting a conversion kit in your automobile or truck. This kind of hydrogen expertise has been around for a lot of a long time however it has been down performed or saved completely secret because of obvious reasons, the risk on the oil trade, first as I mentioned before it is free fuel.

TIS: Right, and also you mentioned teachers which hits near home for me as my brother is one and on many events has voiced his frustration over our present educational system. I learn that your mom labored for National Education and Planning and had a really irritating time there too? HR: Yeah, she worked for Health Education & Welfare for years till I believe Reagan killed it, after which she worked for N.E.A.P. Johnny can't read and the way to repair it. That's why I might read earlier than I was in school, she made positive of that. TIS: So would you mind elaborating a bit on our current instructional methods issues? HR: Well it isn't a problem for some, for many who ensure that these faculties keep broke. The goal is to create principally a two tier system. So what are the things that will get in the best way of that?